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Automate your lab with Spirent

2021-01-30 17:16



Automate your lab with Spirent

Netmetrix specialises in lab test automation offering solutions and services to optimize lab operations.


Spirent lab and test automation solutions enable our customers to consolidate and transform physical labs into web-accessible resources for remote, automated testing.
Benefits include:


  • Faster product releases 
  • Increased testing capacity 
  • Reduced equipment costs 


Using iTest, product validation teams can create automated, reusable tests quickly and efficiently. Automation frees these teams to focus on creating comprehensive test suites, rather than performing manual tests. Comprehensive test suites make it possible to find bugs earlier in the development cycle when it’s faster and easier to implement fixes. This speeds new technology releases and improves quality. Whether you are using Python, or open source or in-house automation frameworks, iTest makes it faster and easier to build and maintain test automation suites.