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Netmetrix partners with Aukua Systems

2021-09-09 11:48



Netmetrix partners with Aukua Systems

Aukua Systems is a global manufacturer of unique 3-in-1 Ethernet Test and Monitoring Solutions.

Netmetrix is pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Aukua Systems, an US based company that  is a global leader in the engineering and manufacturing Ethernet testing and analysis products. 


Aukua's MGA2510 and XGA4250 platforms operate as a powerful Ethernet traffic generator, or connect transparently inline as a protocol analyzer and traffic monitoring system, or as a network impairment emulator.

The Traffic Generator and Analyzer supports Bit Error Rate (BER) testing, throughput testing, precise latency measurement analysis and impairment jamming.

The Inline Capture and Protocol Analyzer connects transparently inline in the network or test-bed helping our customers detect and resolve complex issues, capture traffic, or analyze throughput and error conditions in real-time.

The Network Impairment Emulator connects inline in the test-bed helping our customers recreate network delay and impairments, in the lab, for more realistic performance testing.


Target applications are for the following sectors:

  • Aerospace and Satellite
  • Application development
  • Automotive
  • Defense and Military
  • Enterprise IT and Security
  • Industrial and Energy
  • Network Equipment Manufacturers
  • Semiconductors
  • Service Providers