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VIAVI NPMD Solution for end-to-end visibility

2021-02-04 10:46


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VIAVI NPMD Solution for end-to-end visibility

Discover the VIAVI network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) tools.


NPM tools from VIAVI proactively identify the most serious network issues with an end-user experience score, problem diagnosis, and out-of-the-box workflows leading IT teams to resolution. All Observer intelligence is backed by complete, unaltered packet and flow data, providing wire data for granular security investigations, observing Transmissions Control Protocol communication with unique IP addresses to MAC address to user ID relationships, powerful network connectivity insights, and root-cause analysis for optimized networking and application performance.


Observer provides comprehensive status visibility and insight into critical IT resources, whether in the data center core, network edge, or cloud. Delivering network and application product insights from the perspective of the end-user, Observer supports network and operations teams to ensure maximum effectiveness of IT services and data centers, port to port, through three critical use cases: 

  • Managing new initiatives and daily operations
  • Mitigating risk from planned and unexpected event 
  • Solving performance and security issues


The network performance monitoring solution from VIAVI serves as the start for troubleshooting service anomalies, packet loss, managing network resources, and aiding investigations of incidents of concern (IOC) or confirmed security breaches. This starting point ensures IT teams can quickly gain access to relevant application, network, database, infrastructure, and user operational metrics for a variety of critical network performance and network security scenarios. This means less time troubleshooting and more time running online digital transformation for your business.